He was born to be a farmer. It was something that he was good at, something he knew well. He was a giver of life, an alchemist that worked in dirt, seed, and manure...

Tracy Winegar, Good Ground

The PC simulator "Professional Farmer 2014" takes the player to the countryside and gives hobby farmers full control in the comfort of their home. Farm management, cultivating fields, planting crops, animal husbandry and buying and selling produce are just a few of the major game elements this simulator offers.

Starting out with a small estate, the player begins their career as an up-and-coming farmer and little by little acquires new fields, tractors, machines and animals, and can either specialize or make use of all options that farming has to offer. The key to success lies in good planning by season, expert knowledge that you acquire throughout the 
game, and skill and good old-fashioned hard work. As a farmer, the player learns to live with the forces of nature, accept the weather and respond so as to perfect the yield from fields, care for the animals and prepare the budget for new investments. Many tractors and farm machines (combine harvesters, field choppers, attaching parts and 
trailers, etc.) by renowned manufacturers are available to cultivate the farm and manage all the work. Only good planning and hard work will turn fallow earth into a flourishing and fertile soil. Of course you can drive and control all machines yourself, be it hooking up the plough, re-filling the tractor or unloading the harvest.

"Professional Farmer" has a broad variety of crops, depending on the environment and climate, with which the farmer can cultivate the fields diversely, effectively and with a high yield. Even crop rotation plays an important role in planning! The integrated seasons influence the game and provide the player with a constant stream of tasks 
and jobs.

The local farmers market is your first stepping stone to success! After just a short time, you should take our home-grown and harvested produce to the market and earn your first money by selling it. As you sell more, you will soon see more and larger machines in your fleet and be able to grow larger quantities of produce. Gradually, you will even be able to construct new buildings and acquire new fields.

Are you ready for a farmer's life? Then start your career on your own farm in "Professional Farmer"!

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Additional Content: DLC - Good ol`times

7 additional historic tractor models for “Professional Farmer 2014”: 

  • Friend 15F 
  • Torino Mk. 25 
  • Rainman Model 3 
  • Brownman 88 
  • Friend Bauer 
  • Oliveman Mk. 5 
  • FarmMaster 6x1

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